XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers 2.12.0

XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers

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Version: 2.12.0
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XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers

With XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers, stop losing buyers to weak product pages. Start making more sales today.

Triggers are the “sales tricks” that display time-sensitive offers, low-stock warnings, potential savings, sales information, and bulletproof guarantees on product pages. Created to turn skeptical buyers into confident buyers.

Implement psychological triggers on the WooCommerce product page and watch your sales grow

Show a countdown timer to create urgency

Do you have an urgent sale of a product?

With XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers let your buyers know about it. Deal Expiry Trigger shows the number of days or hours left before the sale ends. This trigger induces the fear of missing out and causes people to act quickly.

Show items left in stock to induce shortages

Low-stock Trigger raises the red flag and displays low-stock messages when remaining items are below a defined limit. These scarcity-inducing messages persuade occasional shoppers to end procrastination and act quickly. When an item is running out, people want it even more.

Show potential savings to trigger loss aversion

Savings Trigger presents potential savings on discounted products in absolute number and percentage. When a buyer sees how much they can save by accepting the offer, they feel compelled to unlock the savings. Your focus shifts from spending money to potential savings. The pain of parting with money is replaced by the joy of finding a good deal!

Share the latest sales activity to activate social proof

People trust and buy in busy stores. With XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers, they make their decision, based on the wisdom of the crowd. Sales Activities Trigger automatically shares short snippets of information about recent purchases from your store.

Inform buyers that real customers have placed their trust in this product. And they too can buy this product without worry.

and much more!

Buy now XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers.

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