Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches 1.18.0

Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

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Version: 1.18.0
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Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches


Add Color and Image Variation Swatches to WooCommerce

With Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches, Replace the standard variation dropdowns with color, image, and text swatches. Help customers make decisions more quickly with a visual and user-friendly experience.

Visual Product Options

Modernize WooCommerce Attributes With Stand-Out Swatches

  • With an easy-to-use color-picker, you can select the perfect color swatches for your store.
  • Show a preview of each variation’s actual appearance, material, or texture with image swatches.
  • Upgrade text-based product attributes with clean text and radio buttons.
  • Use the same type of swatch throughout your store, to save time, or pick and choose to suit each individual product.

Upgraded Product Filters

Help Customers Find What They’re Looking For

  • By adding color, image, and text swatches to your product filters, you’ll make product browsing an enjoyable experience.
  • Give customers a visual preview of your product options with color and image swatches that you can customize.
  • With an improved and visual product filter, you’ll help customers quickly find the products they’re looking for.

Display Swatches in the Catalog

Preview Product Variations on the Shop Page

  • By adding swatches to the shop and catalog pages, customers will be able to see exactly what’s available, even before visiting the product page.
  • Change the product image when clicking a swatch, or link through and pre-select the variation.
  • Decide which swatches to display on a per-product basis, or store-wide.

WooCommerce Attribute Pricing

Fine Tune Your Pricing by Adding Attribute Fees

  • Add fees to some, all, or none of your product attributes. I.e. When the ‘Material’ is ‘Gold’ add $15 to the product price.
  • Customers will see an accurate price updated as they explore your product options.
  • Set complex pricing structures with very little effort and fewer variations.


More Incredible Features of Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches also includes all of the following features — Optimize your WooCommerce store today and increase sales and conversions.

  • Categorize & Group Swatches
    Create swatch groups to make your customer’s decision easier. For example, group product colors into plain and patterned.
  • Assign Swatches Globally or Per-Product
    Set your swatch styling for all products at once, or override it on a per-product basis.
  • Modern Swatch Designs
    Choose between different swatch designs and then customize them further on a per-attribute basis.
  • Customize Shape and Size
    Easily change the shape and size of your visual swatches to suit the situation.
  • Tooltip Swatch Hints
    Enable tooltips when hovering visual swatches to further assist customers in making their decision.
  • Large Preview for Image Swatches
    Enable large image previews on hover to give your customers an up-close preview of the product option.
  • View Swatch Availability
    Out-of-stock and unavailable swatches are marked as such, making the shopping process straightforward.
  • Quickview Compatible
    Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches works perfectly with our Quickview plugin.


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