Cashback Tracker Pro 2.6.4

Cashback Tracker Pro


Version: 2.6.4
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Author: Others
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Tags: eCommerce Utilities

Cashback Tracker Pro


Plugin for creating tracking links and tracking statistic for cashback sites.


Why Start a Cashback Website?

Сashback website is model for affiliate marketing websites, but it’s next level of such websites. Owner of affiliate cashback website will get partner’s commission and “return” part of this commission to buyer. Cashback Tracker Pro will stimulate users to make purchases from your site instead of direct visiting of original shops.

There are a lot of affiliate websites with product reviews and niche products in world, but why cashback sites are not so popular among publishers? Answer is simple – technical side. Cashback sites require much complex solutions for tracking, API synchronization, user database, than simple affiliate websites with product feeds.

We want to open you small secret information…

Сash back companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to make cashback sites. We didn’t find any ready solution for cashback sites on WordPress and this is why we made Cashback Tracker Pro plugin. Now you can create own rewards community on WordPress.

So in essence:

  • Trending online business
  • Startup costs are minimal
  • Low competitions
  • Fast start
  • Happy users of your site



How Cashback Tracker Pro works

1 Advertiser’s pages
Assign account of your Affiliate Network via API keys. Cashback Tracker Pro Plugin will create pages of your approved advertisers automatically.

2 User’s tracking links
Cashback Tracker converts all links of network which you use to tracking links and you can track all orders of your users.

3 Track orders
The Plugin will track status of each order, set cashback value and adjust reward points automatically.



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