WP Share Logins Pro 5.3

WordPress Share Logins Pro

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Version: 5.3
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WP Share Logins Pro


Share Logins & Users Across Multiple Sites

Do you run multiple WordPress sites and want to synchronize user activities? E.g. when they log in to any one of your sites, do you want that they to get logged in to other sites automatically? Well, here we came into the picture! WP Share Logins Pro is the plugin you have been waiting for ages!

Synchronize User Activity

WP Share Logins Pro can automatically sync various user activities across multiple sites. The synchronizations include user login, logout, updating profile, password reset, creating new users, and deleting users.

  • Login
    When a user logs in to a site, this plugin will automatically log them in to other sites!
  • Update Profile
    When a user profile is updated on a site, the changes made will reflect on other sites!
  • Logout
    When a user logs out from a site, Share Logins will automatically log them out from other sites!
  • Password reset
    When a user’s password is updated on a site, their password will be updated on other sites too!
  • Create User
    When a user account is created on a site, the same account will be created on other sites!
  • Delete User
    When a user account is deleted from a site, their account will get deleted from other sites as well!

Why Share Logins

It’s a unique and lightweight plugin that has the functionalities desired by every multisite owner.

  • One of its kind
    You won’t find any similar plugins that can help you
    achieve this.
  • No Coding Required
    Just plug and play. No technical skills are required to use Share Logins
  • Easiest Setup
    Very intuitive and easy setup
    and configuration.
  • Multisite Compatible
    Works seamlessly with multisite installations.

Others WP Share Logins Pro Features

  • Validation
    You can validate if your remote sites are successfully
    connected and properly configured.
  • Secure Transaction
    Your keys are secure and encrypted while being transacted across your sites. So, no fear of security breaches anymore.
  • User Migration
    Do you already have some users on your sites? No worries, you can export them from one site and import into others!
  • In-page Help
    Get help right from the settings dashboard. It shows product articles from our documentation site. Sync every day.


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