WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon 1.4.3

WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon
Version: 1.4.3
Category: Plugins
Author: WP Grid Builder
Author Website: Here
Tags: Utilities

WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon

Create maps from Google Maps, Mapbox or Leaflet as filterable facets. This add-on allows to display markers (posts, terms or users) on a map from longitude and lagitude coordinates. It can optionally filter content when panning the map.

WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon also includes a Geolocation facet that allows you to search and filter by a location from Google or Mapbox APIs. It is also possible to detect current user’s location thanks to browser Geolocation API (user’s location can be approximated based on the user’s IP).

WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon Key features

  • Google Maps API support
  • Mapbox API support
  • Leaflet API support (open-source)
  • Geolocation field (Google & Mapbox APIs)
  • Support marker clustering
  • Support map panning to filter
  • Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields

WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon Usage

Create a new facet and select as Facet Action > Filter and as Filter Type > Map. Once selected, you will be able to select the Map Type (Google Maps, Mapbox or Leaflet) and to fine tune the behaviour of the map, markers, clusters and controls.

WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon works with Advanced Custom Fields – Google Map field which allows to easily setup coordinates. This add-on also offers custom fields to add lat/lng coordinates for your posts, users or terms directly in preview mode in your grid settings.

The Map facet works with latitude and longitude coordinates. The source type should be a custom field with as value an array containing the coordinates like this:

[ ‘lat’ => 5.1025, ‘lng’ => 40.5548 ]

Get now WP Grid Builder Map Facet Addon.

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