ToolKit For Elementor Plugin 1.5

ToolKit For Elementor Plugin


Version: 1.5
Category: Plugins
Author: Elementor
Author Website: Here
Tags: Page Builders

About ToolKit For Elementor Plugin

Build Faster Elementor Sites In Less Time

One lightweight ToolKit designed to improve site performance, reduce plugin dependency, and more.

ToolKit For Elementor Plugin features


Build Faster Sites With Booster

Speed up your Elementor site with Booster- our suite of over 20+ powerful Performance features designed to help your Elementor sites load faster.

GTMetrix Scans

Run GTMetrix scans right from your Dashboard and quickly analyze your site’s performance.

Code Cleaner

Remove unneeded WP scripts and clean your source code and database.

Caching Framework

ToolKit For Elementor Plugin can help load content faster by generating and serving content via cache.

CDN Support

On ToolKit For Elementor Plugin you can Select what file types you’d like to deliver via a CDN such as BunnyCDN or KeyCDN.

CSS Optimization

Speed up the loading of your CSS files with our Minify, Delay, and Combine Options.

JS Optimization

Speed up the loading of your JS files with our Minify, Combine, Defer, and Delay Options.

Font Optimization

Locally host and combine Google Fonts, Preload & enable Fallback Fonts, for faster load times.

Lazy Load Media

Media-heavy site? Lazy load Images & Videos below the fold with a couple of clicks.


Easily Share Templates With Syncer

Easily connect to your other Elementor sites & import saved templates with a click. Generate a Syncer Key to quickly and securely share templates with other users or sites using ToolKit For Elementor Plugin.

Quick Connect

With ToolKit For Elementor Plugin you can Simply create a Syncer Key and either share it with other users or use it on your other sites.

1-Click Import

Once connected, simply click import on the desired template(s) to quickly import.

Bookmark Sites

With ToolKit For Elementor Plugin you can Easily connect to previously connected sites by creating a bookmark.

Fast & Reliable

Direct-connect to sites with no third-party cloud in the middle for fast imports & max reliability.


Customize More With Theme Manager

Extend Elementor with new abilities like going Themeless (dequeues WP theme framework), or use Dashing to insert an Elementor template into the admin dashboard.Dashing

Use Dashing to insert an Elementor template into your WP Admin Dashboard.


Disable the WP Theme Framework and use Elementor natively with WordPress.

Customize Login

Customize the admin login screen and admin page url.


Coming Soon!
Backup, Restore, Import, Export Template Kits with a few clicks!

If you want to know more about the GNU / GPL license, click here. For contact us, visit our support page or click here.

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