Gravity Perks Google Sheets 1.1.16

Gravity Perks Google Sheets

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Version: 1.1.16
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Author: Gravity Perks
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Tags: Forms

Gravity Perks Google Sheets

Automatically send and sync Gravity Forms data with Google Sheets — and unlock new possibilities for your data.

What does Gravity Perks Google Sheets do?

Gravity Perks Google Sheets plugin integrates Google Sheets directly with Gravity Forms to automatically pass entry values to Google Sheets. This is done without requiring any additional software or monthly fees, and with an emphasis on security and high performance.

Additionally, your Google Sheet can be automatically synced with your Gravity Forms entries, keeping your data accurate at all times.

Gravity Perks Google Sheets Features

  • Send Gravity Forms entry data directly to Google Sheets.
    Unlock the vast power of Google Sheets for all of your Gravity Forms entry data.
  • Keep your spreadsheet and entry data perfectly in sync.
    Edits to your entries can automatically sync to your Google Sheets. Rows for trashed or spammed entries are automatically removed.
  • Create new or map to existing sheets.
    Send data to existing sheets or create a completely new sheet specific to your form.
  • Security first.
    Uses Google’s secure authentication method to ensure only you have access to your Google files and data.
  • Money-saving, value packed.
    No monthly fees or transfer limits. Just the unlimited power of Google Sheets.

Why Google Sheets?

  1. Easy organization and analysis: Google Sheets allows you to easily organize and analyze your form data. Use various Google Sheets functions and features, like formulas, pivot tables, and charts, to analyze and visualize your data in meaningful ways.
  2. Collaboration: Google Sheets allows multiple users to access and edit the same sheet, making it easy for teams to collaborate on data analysis and decision making.
  3. Accessibility: Google Sheets can be accessed from any device with an internet connection (and has an offline mode too). Teams can access and work on form data from anywhere, using an application they’re already familiar with.
  4. Security: Google Sheets offers industry standard security measures to protect your data, including access controls, activity logging, and data encryption.
  5. Integration with other Google tools: Google Sheets can be quickly integrated with other Google tools, such as Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) and BigQuery, allowing you to create a seamless workflow for collecting and analyzing data.

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