Gravity Forms 2Checkout Addon 2.0.1

Gravity Forms 2Checkout Addon
Version: 2.0.1
Category: Plugins
Author: Gravity Forms
Author Website: Here
Tags: Forms

Gravity Forms 2Checkout Addon

With tGravity Forms 2Checkout Addon, you can easily accept payments from over 200 countries, making it a great fit for any business wanting to sell products or services to customers around the globe.

Gravity Forms 2Checkout Addon Features

Accept Payments from Over 200 Countries

Seamlessly integrate your WordPress forms with 2Checkout using the Gravity Forms 2Checkout Add-On to receive payments worldwide from over 200 countries. If you’re selling products or services to a wide variety of customers around the globe, or need to focus on a specific country that isn’t supported by other payment gateways, 2Checkout has you covered!

Support For Over 45 Payment Methods

Gravity Forms 2Checkout Addon supports a wide variety of payment methods to ensure that your customers are always able to use their method of choice. Don’t lose valuable sales just because your customer prefers to do things a little differently!

Over 100 Different Currencies

Thanks to 2Checkout’s global perspective, your customers can easily pay with their currency of choice. With support for over 100 different currency options, 2Checkout allows your customers to pay with their local currency without any confusion over conversion rates.

Checkout In Over 30 Languages

2Checkout supports over 30 languages within their payment gateway. Easily offer your products to customers worldwide in their native language!

Subscription Payments

Do you offer subscription services on your WordPress site? Then Gravity Forms 2Checkout Addon is for you. With subscription payment functionality built-in to the 2Checkout Add-On, your customers will never miss a payment!

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