Bricksforge WordPress Plugin 2.2.5

Bricksforge WordPress Plugin

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Version: 2.2.5
Category: Plugins
Author: Others
Author Website: Here
Tags: Page Builders

Important: Activating this product is quite complex, so always keeping it in its latest version in a timely manner could eventually be affected. If you are not willing to wait if necessary, please do not purchase this product.

Bricksforge WordPress Plugin

Our vision was to create a Bricks toolbox that didn’t feel like a bloated set of external plugins. We focus on clean code, a lightweight framework, and best practices. Bricksforge WordPress Plugin is a perfect complement to the Bricks product.

Some Features of Bricksforge WordPress Plugin

  • Compatibility: We make sure that every line of code works in harmony with Bricks. This is noticeable in performance and usability.
  • Vainilla J.S.:Bricks has kill  jQuery! Marvelous! Of course, we are going the same way to offer the best possible performance.
  • Lightweight code: One <a> tag doesn’t need twenty div containers around it. Is there anything else to say about this?
  • Nestable Elements: The Nested Elements API is just awesome! We want our elements to be nestable wherever it makes sense!
  • Selective Upload: Activate only the features you need for your project. In this way, everything becomes clear.
  • White Label: With the Bricksforge WordPress Plugin, make a professional impression by customizing the Bricksforge name and look and feel to your client’s user interface.
  • and much more!

Purchase the Bricksforge WordPress Plugin today.

If you want to know more about the GNU / GPL license, click here. For contact us, visit our support page or click here.

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