WP Latest Posts Pro 4.6.5

WP Latest Posts Pro


Version: 4.6.5
Category: Plugins
Author: JoomUnited
Author Website: Here
Tags: Utilities

WP Latest Posts Pro

About WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on

WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on is a powerful plugin that simplifies displaying the latest posts from your WordPress blog onto your website. With its easy-to-use interface, you can choose the post type, select the categories and tags you want to display, set the number of posts to showcase, and customize the layouts in just a few clicks. The plugin seamlessly integrates with your site and can be placed anywhere using shortcodes or widgets. With advanced options like pagination, sorting, filtering, and multiple display modes, WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on is the ideal solution for bloggers and website owners who want to elevate their latest posts’ visibility and engagement.

Features of WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on

– Allows customization of the appearance of the latest posts
– Provides different layouts for displaying posts
– Includes a lot of design options, including colors, fonts, borders, etc.
– Enables displaying of posts from specific categories and tags
– Has advanced filtering options, such as excluding certain categories and tags
– Allows sorting of posts based on different criteria, such as date, title, comments, etc.
– Can show featured images, author name, date, excerpt, and read more button for each post
– Supports pagination for long lists of posts
– Provides a shortcode and widget to use the latest posts on any page or sidebar
– Integrates well with the WP Grid Builder plugin from the same company.

Benefits of using WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on

The WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on is an excellent tool that can enhance your WordPress website in various ways. By implementing this add-on, you can display your latest posts on your homepage or any other page of your website to keep your visitors updated on your latest content.

This add-on offers several benefits, including the ability to customize your post display settings, such as the number of posts, excerpt length, and the type of content displayed. Its responsive design ensures that your posts look great on any device, while its support for multiple post types, such as audio and video, lets you showcase a range of content.

Great compatibility

Other benefits of WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on include its compatibility with popular page builders and its easy integration with various third-party plugins. Additionally, this add-on is lightweight and user-friendly, making it easy to install and customize without requiring any technical expertise.

Overall, adding the WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on to your WordPress website can significantly improve your website’s user experience, ensuring that users can easily access your latest content and remain engaged with your website.


In conclusion, WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on is a powerful and flexible tool that enhances the functionality of the WordPress Latest Posts widget. With its wide range of customizable options, users can easily show their latest posts on any page or post, in any style, and order. The add-on provides users with a dynamic way to highlight their content, and it is easy to install and use. Overall, WP Latest Posts Pro Add-on is an excellent plugin for those who want to make the most out of their latest post widget, and it is definitely worth considering for anyone looking to enhance their WordPress website’s design and functionality.


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