WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System 3.6.0

WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System


Version: 3.6.0
Category: Plugins
Author: Codecanyon
Author Website: Here
Tags: eCommerce Utilities

WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System



WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System is an awesome plugin which allows customers to make the online payment from their Wallet System. With WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System, You can offer your customers a new convenient way of paying for goods and services. Wallet is an online prepaid account where one can stock money, to be used when required.

There is no chance of a decline of payment since wallet is a prepaid account. As it is a pre-loaded facility, customers can buy a range of products without having to enter their debit/credit card details for every online transaction. In this WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System plugin, customer/user can use Wallet Cash during the checkout and amount will be deducted from their Wallet Cash. They can easily add credit to their wallet system.



WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Main Features


WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin behaves as an online Payment Gateway –
It behaves as an online payment gateway so a buyer can purchase products from the store by using its available amount.

The customer can easily add credit to their wallet system –
The process of adding credit to their wallet system is super easy for the customers of an online store. They simply need to enter the amount that they want to credit to their wallet system and checkout via available payment methods.

On the checkout page, a customer can choose to use wallet cash or any other payment method –
While placing an order, a buyer can choose whether he want to use wallet cash for checkout or not.

Wallet amount will get credited after the approval of admin –
If a buyer uses a payment method like Direct Bank Transfer, Check Payments, then the amount will be credited after the approval of admin.

Mail notification for wallet transactions –
A buyer will be notified via mail of all the wallet transactions.

Custom Wallet Amount Management –
The admin can manually Debit or Credit amount into the customer’s wallet.

Cashback Rules –
The admin can set minimum cart total, maximum cart total and the cashback amount which the customer will receive if the cart total lies in the range selected by admin.

Restrictions –
Minimum Wallet Credit Amount can be set by admin which means a customer has to credit at least this much amount in his/her wallet. The admin can also set maximum wallet debit amount which means that the customer can use at most this much amount in a single transaction.

Multiple Cashback Conditions –
If the admin has selected the multiple cashback conditions then the customer will get cashback applicable to both cart and product. If the admin does not choose multiple cashback conditions then the customer will get cashback applicable to cart or product, the preference of cart or product will also be selected by admin.

Wallet Transfer –
A customer can transfer his cashback amount to any registered customer.

Wallet Transaction List –
The admin can view the transactions made by the customers and also the transaction details like transaction id, reference, transaction type, amount, date etc.
The admin can set configuration to accept payments for virtual order using the wallet.


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