WordPress Lucky Wheel 1.2.6

Wordpress Lucky Wheel


Version: 1.2.6
Category: Plugins
Author: Codecanyon
Author Website: Here
Tags: eCommerce Utilities

WordPress Lucky Wheel


WordPress Lucky Wheel are like a game that helps to motivate purchasing.  Lucky Wheel Spin and Win are considered a commonly used marketing strategy by shop owners, Shoppers can not only buy goods, but they can also play the fortunate wheel games, which would be amazing if they win coupons or gifts, It truly promises to enhance their buying experience and promote customer shopping returns.

WordPress Lucky Wheel, Lucky Wheel Spin and Win plugin give you the best solution to get subscribers from your WordPress website. WordPress Lucky Wheel Spin and Win get subscribers by allowing visitors to fill in their email addresses and subscribe to your newsletter to spin for prizes. This is the best way to get subscribers from visitors, they will be pleased to fill in their email addresses. Prizes will be sent to subscribers automatically. Email addresses will be saved in the back-end and can be automatically synced with some famous email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, Sendgrid, Klaviyo, Sendinblue, MailPoet, Hubspot.


WordPress Lucky Wheel Spin and Win display a Lucky Wheel pop-up when users visit your website, allowing them to subscribe to their emails and spin to win prizes.

  • Server-side calculation: the result will be calculated on the server-side. No cheating.
  • Adding up to 20 slides: WordPress Lucky Wheel Spin and Win allows you to add up to 20 slides to the Lucky Wheel.
  • Winning probability: select the winning probability of each slide.
  • Pop-up intent: display the wheel after the scheduled time, after scrolling down the page, or when visitors are about to leave.
  • Lucky Wheel icon: a small lucky wheel icon, allow visitors to open the Luck Wheel pop-up.
  • Icon position: select the wheel icon position on the screen. There are 6 icon positions for you to select: bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right, middle left, middle right.
  • Initial time: schedule a time for the Lucky Wheel pop-up to appear after the page finish loading.
  • Scroll amount: select a scroll amount in percentage. The Lucky Wheel pop-up will appear when visitors scroll down this amount.
  • Spinning time: select how many times an email address can be used to spin the wheel.
  • Wheel spinning duration: set up how long the wheel will take to finish a spin.
  • Conditional Tags: you can display the lucky wheel on selected pages only. Using built-in options for Homepage, Blog pages, Shop page or using WordPress conditional tags.
  • Wheel Description: display the description of the wheel.
  • Custom fields: you can add up to 3 fields to your Lucky Wheel pop-up, including email, name, phone number.
  • Show pop-up after closing without spin: select a time to display the lucky wheel pop-up if a visitor closes it without spinning.
  • Show pop-up after a successful spin: select a time to display the lucky wheel pop-up after a successful spin.
  • Automatically hide wheel after finishing spinning: automatically hide the lucky wheel pop-up.
  • Delay time between each spin: select the delay between each spin of an email address.
  • Auto-reset spin: Reset the total of every email to zero at a specific time. For example, set at 12:00 AM every day, all total spins of every email will be reset to zero.
  • Wheel speed: you change the rolling speed of the lucky wheel. There are ten speeds from 1 to 10 for you to select.


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