Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin 2.22.3

Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin


Version: 2.22.3
Category: Plugins
Author: Thrive Themes
Author Website: Here
Tags: Optimizers

Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin

Thrive Optimize is the A/B testing plugin for WordPress that is defined by what it doesn’t do as much as by what it does.

Thrive Optimize is a simple A/B testing add-on for Thrive Architect (exclusively available to Thrive Suite customers) that gives you the power to run fast and highly effective split tests for your landing pages — directly on your WordPress website.

Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin is Here

Some Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin Feature:

  • Fast A/B Testing: Easily create A/B tests for your Thrive Architect built landing pages.
  • Unlimited Tests: With Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin run as many tests as you want, concurrently or in sequence.
  • Unlimited Test Variations: Run tests with 2, 3, 4 or however many competing variations you want.
  • Custom Traffic Distribution: Evenly distribute traffic between your test variations or set your own ratio.
  • Detailed Reporting: With Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin see all the details about how your tests are performing, statistical significance and more.
  • Automatic Winner Feature: Let Thrive Optimize crunch the numbers and choose the winning variation for you, on “set-it-and-forget-it” autopilot.
  • 100% Visual Editing: Thrive Optimize is an add-on to Thrive Architect, the most advanced visual front end editor for WordPress.

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If you want to know more about the GNU / GPL license, click here. For contact us, visit our support page or click here.

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