The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.14

The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets

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Version: 4.6.14
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Author: The Events Calendar
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Tags: Events and Calendars

The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets

With The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets plugin, you can connect your WordPress calendar with the leading ticket platform and drive sales for your events.

The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets gives you the power to create and manage Eventbrite events and tickets right from your WordPress dashboard.

You can also display Eventbrite tickets on your site and import events from your Eventbrite account.

Last, but not least, you can even automate imports from your Eventbrite Account so that your Calendar is always up to date. A great way to speed up your workflow!

More Information

The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets is a WordPress plugin created and supported by The Events Calendar team using the Eventbrite API. Eventbrite is not responsible for the functionality or support of the product. You will need a free Eventbrite account to use this plugin.

Please note that Eventbrite Tickets does not support recurring events because of limitations with the Eventbrite API. That means a recurring event with Events Calendar Pro will not sync as a recurring event in Eventbrite, and vice versa.

A couple of other things to consider with Eventbrite:

  • The Eventbrite API only supports PayPal and Google Pay for transactions.
  • Eventbrite often collects a percentage-based fee on sold tickets.


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