LearnPress Content Drip Addon 4.0.2

LearnPress Content Drip Addon
Version: 4.0.2
Category: Plugins
Author: LearnPress
Author Website: Here
Tags: LMS

LearnPress Content Drip Addon

LearnPress Content Drip Addon allows you to manage course’s opening time for your best convenience. Set a specific of time when a lesson becomes available. Lesson open time could also be based on if the student had finished a specific lesson or not. LearnPress Content Drip Addon is perfect.

How LearnPress Content Drip Addon works

If you’ve created a schedule of your courses, instead of publishing courses in a sequence, you can publishing all courses immediately and set Content Drip for us. LearnPress Content Drip Addon help you to manage opening time for your courses following your schedule.

LearnPress Content Drip Addon Drip Types:

  • Content Drip by specific time: With this Drip type, you can choose to open course immediately, after enrolled course specific time or after a special day.
  • Open the lesson / quiz sequentially: With this Drip type, you can choose to open lesson #2 after completed lesson #1, open lesson #3 after completed lesson #2, and so on…
  • Open item based on prerequisite items: The option lets you set the condition for opening a lesson based on if you have opened some other specified lessons or not. You will need to set the option ‘Open item bases on prerequisite items’ and UPDATE the course and then click on ‘Settings’ to be able to see the settings for it.

Get Today LearnPress Content Drip Addon.

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