GravityView Multiple Forms 0.3.8

GravityView Multiple Forms

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Version: 0.3.8
Category: Plugins
Author: GravityView
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Tags: Forms

GravityView Multiple Forms


With GravityView Multiple Forms, Use joins to combine data from several forms into one longer entry. Connect multiple forms that share field values.

With GravityView Multiple Forms, Join multiple forms together to create powerful reporting and visualizations of your Gravity Forms data.


Connect multiple Gravity Forms forms that share field values.
If you have two forms that share values (for example, both forms may contain a person’s email address, phone number, name, state, etc.), you can combine them and show data from both forms in one View!

GravityView Multiple Forms supports two modes for displaying connected values in GravityView:

  • Show all entries from Form A, regardless of whether the Form B field has content.
  • Show only entries from Form A that have values in Form B.


Features coming soon to the GravityView Multiple Forms plugin
This is a phased rollout of functionality on GravityView Multiple Forms. We’re working quickly to get this functionality added.

This functionality is coming in future updates:

  • Show a row for each entry from each form, instead of combining the forms into one row. Developers: The plugin will support unions as well as the current joins.
  • Search specific fields on connected forms (currently only “Search All Fields” and the parent form fields are searchable)
  • Add support for the Advanced Filtering extension across joined fields
    Connect forms based on the values from connected forms (not just values from the parent form)

Known issues
The values shown in the Merge Tag picker and auto-complete aren’t refreshed



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