GravityView Maps Extension 3.1.7

GravityView Maps Extension

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Version: 3.1.7
Category: Plugins
Author: GravityView
Author Website: Here
Tags: Forms

GravityView Maps Extension


Display Gravity Forms entries using Google Maps with GravityView Maps Extension!!


Create directories, review websites, business listings, and hundreds of other map-based applications.
With GravityView Maps Extension layout, you can easily create whatever you need on top of Google Maps.


What can you build with GravityView Maps Extension? Anything and everything.

  • Business Directories
    Want to display a list of businesses on a map? Easy-peasy for GravityView Maps Extension.
  • Retail Store Locations
    Does your business or organization have more than one office? With GravityView Maps Extension, Easily display all your locations on a map, along with contact information and other fields.
  • Review-based sites, like
    Building a review site like Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google Reviews? Add restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, and more.
  • User-generated content sites
    Use a submission page and allow users to submit new locations. After you approve them, they’ll be displayed on your website.


Minimal and beautiful.
Have a lot of entries next to each other? Worried that they’ll look messy on a map?

Don’t be. With marker clusters, your entries will be displayed as a clusters at different zoom levels.


Silky-smooth design.
Have many entries with the same address? We’ve got you covered.

When multiple markers are in the same location, they will be “spiderfied”, or displayed in a web-like pattern around the location.


Endlessly customizable maps.
With dozens of configuration options, you can build exactly the map you need.

  • Pick which field is used as the address
  • Customize pin icons
  • Keep the map fixed in one location and prevent dragging or allow it to be dragged
  • Show popup boxes that display additional entry details when clicked
  • Choose default, maximum and minimum zoom levels
  • Include Google Maps layers for Traffic, Transit or Bicycles
  • Change the look and feel of your map using Snazzy Maps styles
  • Choose what type of map to display: Street, Satellite, Hybrid, or Terrain


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