Gravity Perks Advanced Select 1.1.5

Gravity Perks Advanced Select


Version: 1.1.5
Category: Plugins
Author: Gravity Perks
Author Website: Here
Tags: Forms

Gravity Forms Advanced Select


Beautiful, searchable, extensible Drop Down and Multi Select fields, capable of dynamically populating massive datasets.

What does Gravity Perks Advanced Select do?

Gravity Perks Advanced Select adds an enhanced interface to Drop Down and Multi Select fields. It improves the UX, accessibility, and flexibility of these field types in Gravity Forms.

Additionally, GP Advanced Select integrates tightly with GP Populate Anything and delivers significant performance improvements when loading large datasets.

Gravity Perks Advanced Select Features

  • Beautiful, searchable, usable.
    Dramatically improve your Drop Down and Multi Select fields with one click.
  • Dynamic choices and huge datasets.
    A tight integration with Populate Anything allows you to populate choices dynamically from huge datasets.
  • Infinite scroll for choices.
    Bypass default query limits and continue scrolling through all results.
  • Lazy load choices.
    Delay loading any choices until the user interacts with the field. A massive performance boost when dynamically populating choices for many fields.
  • Filter populated choices by search value.
    Combined with Populate Anything, filter choice results by the Select field’s search value. Only load search results instead of all choices.
  • Display choice images.
    Integrates with JetSloth’s Image Choices plugin to display an image for each choice.
  • Full mobile support.
    Advanced Select fields are fully supported on mobile devices to accommodate all device types.
  • Improved accessibility.
    Advanced Select fields are fully keyboard navigable and supported by screen readers.


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