Gravity Forms Geolocation Addon 1.2.0

Gravity Forms Geolocation Addon

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Version: 1.2.0
Category: Plugins
Author: Gravity Forms
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Tags: Forms, Utilities

Gravity Forms Geolocation

The Ultimate Geolocation Solution For Gravity Forms!


The Complete Geolocation Solution

Gravity Forms Geolocation uses Google Maps API to enhances Gravity Forms with geolocation and mapping features. With Gravity Forms Geolocation, you can easily add unlimited Google maps, address fields, auto-locator buttons, Google address autocomplete, and more, to any of your Gravity forms. Using Gravity Geolocation you can present the visitors of your site with a simple geotagging solution.


Some Gravity Forms Geolocation Features:


  • 6 Geolocation Fields
    The plugin adds 6 additional geolocation fields to the form editor. You can place an unlimited number of the geolocation fields anywhere and on any of your forms.
  • Flawless Integration​
    Easily add, edit, and remove any of the geolocation fields just like any other Gravity Forms fields.
  • Easy Geolocation
    Present the users of your site with a simple way to add their location when filling out a form. With Google Maps, Address Autocomplete, Coordinates, and the auto-locator feature, Gravity Geolocation makes geolocation a breeze.
  • Powered By Google Maps API
    The plugin takes full advantage of the powerful features of Google Maps API. Allows for simple and accurate geolocation using Google maps, address autocomplete, auto-locator, and more.
  • Routes & Directions
    Display routes and directions between two addresses. The users of your site can look up directions without leaving your site.
  • Distance & Duration Calculation
    Calculate the driving distance and duration between 2 addresses. This can be useful when in need for a distance based price calculation.
  • Posts And Users GeoTagging
    When creating and updating posts or users using Gravity Forms, you can save any of the geolocation fields to the custom fields and user meta of your choice; This can be useful when integrating with other mapping plugins.
  • Plugins Compatibility
    Gravity Forms Geolocation is compatible with other plugins; such as Gravity Forms Update Post, Gravity Forms Post Types, GEO my WP, and more. Which results in better user experience and workflow.


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