Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin

Duplicator Pro Wordpress Plugin

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Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Scheduled Backups: Back up now or schedule it. Recover from failures within minutes.
  • Move WordPress With Ease: The ultimate flexibility: Migrate a site to an empty directory -or- overwrite an existing site using Drag and Drop!
  • Cloud Backups: With Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin you can back up to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Amazon S3 for safe storage.

Some Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Super Simple: Engineered with simplicity and elegance without unnecessary feature bloat.
  • Trusted: Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin is based on proven technology that’s running on over 700,000+ web sites.
  • Multi-site: Besides standard single sites, Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin supports multisite network backup & migration. You can even install a subsite as a standalone site!

Other Duplicator Pro WordPress Features

  • Recovery Points: Recovery Points provides protection against mistakes and bad updates by letting you quickly rollback your system to a known, good state.
  • Streamlined Installer: A new streamlined installer mode allows you to install in only two steps! An advanced, four step installer mode is also supported.
  • Backup Limits: Limit the number of stored backups to prevent filling up your local or cloud storage.
  • Auto Database Creation: Easily select existing cPanel databases & users or create new ones without ever leaving the installer.
  • Single File Package: Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin bundles your site into a single archive, unlike other plugins that create lots of files that are hard to manage.

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