Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin 3.2.4

Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin

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Version: 3.2.4
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Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin


Dark Mode for WordPress
The dark mode is a tremendous trend in web design that provides an impressive dark scheme. It is able to create an eye-pleasing and time consuming journey for a better reading experience. Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin is predominantly preferable to those users who are sensitive with bright light.

Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin Core Features

Everything you need to boost more engagement on your site

  • OS Based Dark Mode
    All leading operating systems support the Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin. When you are interested in accessing dark mode in your operating system then the dark mode plugin automatically digs up your OS preference.
  • Dark Switch Styles
    Switch buttons of different styles can make a prodigious look for the WordPress website. You can pick any of your preferred switch buttons of impressive style to turn ON/OFF the dark mode.
  • Time Based Dark Mode
    There is no need to worry about turning ON or OFF the dark mode on a regular basis according to your local time. The Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin has an amazing feature that will take the responsibility to turn ON or OFF dark mode at your scheduled time.
  • Ready to Use Dark Color Scheme
    You can garnish your website with an appropriate color scheme. Simply pick and apply your desired color combination from our several available presets. Give your site a more eye-catching and visually impressive look in the dark mode.
  • Backend Dark mode
    Dark mode is not only for the frontend users but also as a backend user you can access all the features provided by dark mode. Backend dark mode ensures a comfortable working environment for you when you are using the admin panel.
  • Frontend Dark mode
    In the front-end section your users can meet all the demand to enjoy a pleasurable reading environment. Users can access the website using dark mode with a balanced dark color scheme by only turning ON a dark switch button.
  • Floating Switch
    You can select any portion of the website to display the dark mode floating switch button. You can furnish the footer of your website by the floating switch button.
  • Page Builders Compatible
    The most leading page builders like beaver builder, elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Themify support the Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin. You can access your WordPress website in dark mode by using any of these well-known page builders.
  • Dark Mode Based Image Support
    You don’t have to be concerned about the view of images in dark mode. Any image is adjustable in dark mode. You just have to insert the individual image link in the admin panel for both dark mode and bright mode. This eminent feature will let you and your users access both dark and bright versions of an image automatically
  • WooCommerce Integrated
    To enrich the readability of text, images, and videos in dark mode version Darklup WP Dark Mode Plugin is really important for your wooCommerce website. This plugin is highly capable of providing a delightful and balanced dark color scheme for a WooCommerce website.
  • Custom CSS
    If you are eager to customize your website in dark mode by editing your own, this custom css feature will help you. Using custom css you can customize your website by editing buttons, specific sections, background color etc. You just need to insert the code in the custom css portion to have your desired change in the website.


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