Advanced Custom Fields For WP All Import 3.3.8

Advanced Custom Fields For WP All Import


Version: 3.3.8
Category: Plugins
Author: WP All Import
Author Website: Here
Tags: Utilities

Advanced Custom Fields For WP All Import



Import any CSV/XML to ACF

Advanced Custom Fields For WP All Import Support for all Advanced Custom Fields data types with powerful customization options.

  • Repeaters, Flexible Content, and more
  • Pass import data through custom PHP
  • Fully documented API and Action Reference
  • Import any file format, any data structure

Advanced Custom Fields For WP All Import is Designed for ACF power users by ACF power users.
Think what you’re doing is too complicated? We guarantee you’re wrong.

Advanced Custom Fields For WP All Import Full support for every ACF field.
Import data into Repeaters, Flexible Content, Relationships, Dates, Image Galleries, Google Maps, and more. New fields come to ACF all the time and we’re right there with you.

Any file format, any data structure, no editing necessary.
WP All Import doesn’t care how your data is structured. With powerful customization options, you can process your data on the fly and import it exactly where it needs to go.

Inline custom PHP functions.
Need more customization than our drag & drop tools allow? Write and test custom PHP functions on the edit import page. Every option and text field can be fully customized.

Fully documented API, Action Reference, and code snippets.
With Advanced Custom Fields For WP All Import Customize your import to work exactly how you need it to. Write custom add-ons, pass data through functions, and execute custom code before, during, or after your import.

Featured packed, flexible, and dead-simple.

Drag & Drop Images and Galleries
Easily import property galleries with images from your computer, another server, or anywhere else.

Complete Customization
Granular control over every single piece of data. Think your import is too complicated? Think again.

Import Huge Amounts of Data
It doesn’t matter how big your site is or how much data you need to import, WP All Import can handle it.

Multilingual Imports with WPML
Importing data to a multilingual site has never been easier, with support from the WPML team.

Not Just ACF, Everything
Import and export WooCommerce products, customers, orders, Toolset Types fields, categories, listings, users, etc.

WooCommerce, Yoast, and More
Import ACF data into any theme or plugin including WooCommerce, listing themes, membership plugins, etc.

Scheduled Imports
Run imports automatically on a schedule. Subscribe to our point and click scheduling service, or set up cron jobs.

Import, Export, Migrate, Bulk Edit
Not just imports, everything. Export ACF data, migrate it to another WordPress install, or bulk edit in Excel.


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