Summary 2020 and what we will do in 2021


First of all, thank you very much for being so important in contributing to the growth of GPLDesigner since 2018. Our growth is really based on the trust of each one of you. This is why we have taken certain measures that we will detail below:

Infrastructure Optimization

  • We have updated the Server, both in its capacity and in its qualities, so in the coming days, it will work even better.
  • We update the Agreement With Amazon S3 for all of 2021, in order to guarantee the quality and security of the storage of all products on the site.


Product List and YITH

  • We have acquired new products that we will publish in the coming days. We really have invested a lot of money to ensure that we have access to a quality catalog. We are more concerned with quality than quantity, as other sites offer to prioritize.
  • On the other hand, in the next few days, we will remove some products from the catalog. This, either due to low demand, problems inherent to the product, contract terms with a supplier or because it is simply not feasible to maintain certain products in certain special cases. An example of this is the reduction of most of YITH’s products, since in recent times, YITH has increased its prices too much. Now, they no longer offer a subscription like before and when they had it, it was a price that is impossible to afford for any business. It is really prohibitive for a site like ours and from what we have seen in the market, it seems to most it has been prohibitive. We recommend dear friends, if you are using these plugins on your website, look for a reasonable alternative. We will try to keep some products, but they are constantly blocking and delaying access to the latest versions.

General Updates

  • We are optimizing the site in general, creating more refined categories, better product segmentations, new product access pages, and various optimizations to make the experience in our store better and better.

What’s to come

  • We are generating descriptions for each of the products, so we will improve the organic positioning little by little. We are managing the possibility of integrating a member to the team, in order to guarantee support in 24 hours or less guaranteed. We will probably be in clarity by the end of this month.
    We will update the way it is viewed and has the terms of service, privacy policy, among other sections to optimize the experience, as well as update the terms of conditions between today February 16 and the end of the month.


The above is what we can comment on so far and in addition to thanking you, we tell you that this 2021 we will make an even greater effort. Please spread the word about the site, so that we can become more and more known and thus have more resources to be able to purchase new products.