Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin 2.3.1

Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin

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Version: 2.3.1
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Author: Thrive Themes
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Tags: ADS / Marketing

Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin

With Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin, you will discover which headlines are best at doing what headlines are supposed to do: get your visitor’s attention and get them to keep reading your content.

In addition, the tests are also tracking click-throughs on your blog page, your recent posts widgets and anywhere else where you have posts listed. With these metrics, we can find the headlines that do the best job of lowering your bounce rate and keeping visitors on your site.

Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin is Here

  • Write Headlines: Write as many headlines as you can think of for your piece of content. We give you a template to make this as easy as possible.
  • You’re Done: Start your tests and Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin takes care of the rest. The headlines you came up with are shown to different users when they come to your website. Based on the engagement factors above, data is gathered, statistically relevant tests are run and the plugin automatically starts to display the winning headline to your visitors to maximize engagement.

Some Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin Features:

  • Quick & Easy A/B Title Testing: Quickly find the most click-worthy headline for your content to get more interaction instead of visitors leaving your website.
  • Bulk Testing: With Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin save time and optimize all of your existing content at once to immediately start seeing results.
  • Engagement Reports: Get a “total report,” it’s a quick overview to help you understand how interesting your viewers find your content.
  • Easy As Pie: Super fast implementation, even for beginners, no need to know about A/B testing or have a degree in statistical analysis.

and more…

Get Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin.

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