Quiz Customizer for Learndash 2.0

Quiz Customizer For Learndash

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Version: 2.0
Category: Plugins
Author: LearnDash
Author Website: Here
Tags: LMS

Quiz Customizer for Learndash

Make your LearnDash quizzes come to life in a matter of minutes with Quiz Customizer for Learndash.

Customize Quiz Text

Rename next/previous buttons, start quiz, hints, skip, view questions & more.

  • 14 total buttons
  • 18 labels & headings
  • 10 quiz messages
  • That’s 42 customizations you can make to the words alone.

Now let’s talk about your quiz design…

Custom Quiz Colors

Remove the LearnDash blue & use your brand’s color.

  • Global color to match your brand
  • Light & dark colors for correct answers
  • Light & dark colors for incorrect answers

Quiz Question Styles

  • Inline or stacked for single/multiple choice questions
  • Background color or underline styles for fill in the blank questions
  • Solid or dashed underline styles

Quiz Review Box

  • Circular, square or rounded numbers
  • Custom colors for “answered” & “review”

Quiz Timer Bar

Styles also apply to the submission progress bar.

  • Solid or striped style
  • Custom colors for bar container & bar
  • Custom bar height

Quiz Button Styles

  • Custom colors for both primary & secondary buttons
  • Hover styles to adjust background & text color
  • Set a button border radius for all buttons

ALL  Quiz Customizer for Learndash FEATURES

Customize Button Text

  • Start Quiz
  • Finish Quiz
  • Restart Quiz
  • Next
  • Back
  • Check
  • Hint
  • Skip Questio
  • Review Question
  • Quiz Summary
  • View Questions
  • View Quiz Statistics
  • Show Leaderboard
  • Print Your Certificate

Custom Messages

  • Quiz Locked
  • Registered Users Only
  • Prerequisite Required
  • Quiz Complete
  • Time Elapsed
  • Leaderboard: Intro Message
  • Essay: Upload Your Answer
  • Essay: Graded, Full Points Awarded
  • Essay: Not Graded, Full Points Awarded
  • Essay: Not Graded, No Points Awarded
  • Essay: Graded, Review
  • Essay: Textarea Placeholder
  • Certificate Pending

Custom Labels & Headings

  • 1 Point(s)
  • Question 1 of 5
  • 1. Question
  • Quiz Summary
  • Answered (review box)
  • Review (review box)
  • Sort Elements (matrix questions)
  • Hint
  • Correct
  • Incorrect
  • Average Score
  • Your Score
  • Your Time:
  • Earned Points: 1 of 5
  • Essay(s) Pending
  • Category:
  • Not Categorized
  • Category:
  • Categories

Quiz Design & Colors

  • Global border radius
  • Dark & light primary color, used to match your site’s design
  • Dark & light correct color
  • Dark & light incorrect color

Question Style

  • Single Choice: Inline or Stacked
  • Multiple Choice: Inline or Stacked
  • Fill in the Blank: Background or Underline
  • Underline Styles: Solid or Dashed

Review Box

  • Number Style: Circle, Square or Rounded
  • “Answered” Color
  • “Mark for Review” Color

Quiz Timer

  • Striped or solid bar
  • Container color
  • Bar color
  • Bar height

Quiz Buttons

  • Button border radius
  • Primary & secondary buttons
  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Hover background & text colors

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