MainWP SSL Monitor Extension 5.0.1

MainWP SSL Monitor Extension

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Version: 5.0.1
Category: Plugins
Author: MainWP
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Tags: Multisite, Utilities

MainWP SSL Monitor Extension

MainWP SSL Monitor Extension lets you keep a watchful eye on your SSL Certificates. It alerts you via email when monitored certificates are nearing expiration.

The MainWP SSL Monitor Extension is designed to streamline your workflow and save time by automatically checking for SSL expiry date, issuer, validity, etc.

Get Email Notification

By setting the notification threshold, you can receive an email notification when a certificate is about to expire for each Child Site, ensuring that you stay informed and take action before it’s too late.

Let MainWP Auto-Check all Child Sites

The MainWP SSL Monitor Extension offers the “Automated Checks” feature, allowing you to configure how often MainWP should automatically check for SSL certificate details.

This feature provides you with the flexibility to customize the frequency of checks to suit your needs and ensure that your SSL certificates are always up-to-date.

Manually Check SSL Certificate for all Child Sites

The MainWP SSL Monitor Extension provides the convenience of manually checking the SSL certificates of all your Child Sites with a click of a button.

Check Per Site SSL Certificate

In addition to manually checking SSL certificate details for all Child Sites at once, the MainWP SSL Monitor Extension also allows you to check for individual Child Sites.

Overwrite Global Settings for Individual Sites

If you need to adjust the SSL monitoring settings for a specific Child Site, you can do so easily by accessing the SSL Monitor from the Site Overview page of that Child Site.

This feature enables you to override the global SSL monitoring settings for that Child Site, ensuring you can customize your SSL monitoring approach as needed.

SSL Status on the “Manage Sites” Screen

Upon activating the SSL Monitor Extension, you can view the “SSL Status” column on the “Manage Sites” screen, providing you with a quick and easy way to stay updated on the SSL status of your Child Sites.

The SSL Monitor Extension is designed to simplify the management of SSL certificates across all your Child Sites.


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