Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots 2.3.0

Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots

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Version: 2.3.0
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Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots


Delivery and Pickup on Your Customer’s Schedule

Offer a delivery or pickup date and time at checkout. Maximize your order capacity and improve your customer service.

Order Date and Time

Schedule Delivery or Pickup at the Checkout

  • Increase customer satisfaction by letting them choose a convenient time frame for their order.
  • Assign delivery and pickup settings to each shipping method.
  • Modern design to match any online store.

Reservation Calendar

Reserve and Then Shop

  • Allow your customers to reserve a delivery slot before they start shopping.
  • Place the reservation table anywhere on your website using a shortcode.
  • Customize the reservation table to suit your website.
  • Set reservation expiration time in minutes – ensure time slots are freed up again if a customer does not complete their order, or if their order is cancelled.

Order Limits

Maximise Order Capacity for Any Given Day and Time Slot

  • Ensure you have capacity by restricting the number of orders that can be placed per day and time slot.
  • Set order limits based on the day of the week and time slot.
  • View all upcoming deliveries in one easy-to-understand and sortable table.
  • Set the limit by total orders placed or total products ordered.

Delivery and Pickup Fees

Flexible Scheduling and Fees for Delivery, Pickup, Same Day, and Next Day

  • Customers can choose the perfect date and time for their order based on the selected shipping or pickup method.
  • Charge additional fees for same day and next day deliveries.
  • Disable same day and next day delivery options based on the current store time.
  • Charge additional fees based on the day of the week or time slot.

Store Holidays

Prevent Orders on Holidays or When Your Store Is Closed

  • Easily configure holidays where deliveries and pickups are not available.
  • Give your customers 100% clarity on when their order will arrive.
  • Disable dates based on the selected shipping method.
  • Disable specific dates or date ranges, and choose whether to repeat them every year.


More Incredible Features of Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots


Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots also includes all of the following features — Optimize your WooCommerce store today and increase sales and conversions.


Set Delivery Days

Choose which days of the week you can make deliveries on.


Shipping Method Restrictions

Assign time slots to specific shipping methods, making it easy to create complex delivery date rules.


Disable for Products or Categories

You can disable the delivery date and time fields if specific products are in the cart.


Calendar Themes

Choose from a number of calendar styles to ensure it matches your store’s design.


Define Min/Max Delivery Date

Define how many days required before the first and last available delivery date in the calendar.


Delivery Date Fees

Set fees based on the day of the week, same day, or next day deliveries.


ASAP Delivery Option

Allow your customers to select delivery “as soon as possible” instead of choosing a time slot.


Disable Time Slots (X) Minutes Before Start Time

Disable time slots if the order is placed a certain number of minutes before the time slot begins.


Enable Slots for Specific Shipping Methods

Choose which time slots show for which shipping methods. Create flexible shipping schedules.


Time Slot Fees

Charge an additional fee if your customer selects a specific day of the week or time slot.


Disable Slots After (X) Orders

Also known as “lockout”, you can disable time slots after (X) orders on any one day.


Deliveries Calendar

View and sort upcoming and reserved delivery slots.


Flexible Terminology

Easy to change checkout labels; you can even change them based on the selected shipping method. I.e. “Delivery Date” or “Collection Date”.


Shipping Plugin Compatibility

Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots is compatible with many 3rd-party shipping plugins. If you need one adding, just ask!


Developer Friendly

Plenty of actions and filters available to modify the functionality of Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots.




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