Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin 1.1.0

Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin
Version: 1.1.0
Category: Plugins
Author: Elfsight
Author Website: Here
Tags: Misc

Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin


Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin allows you to design custom popups of any type and show them on your web page. Construct an authentic popup out of a variety of inbuilt elements and find the best layout and position on the page. You can select a popup trigger and find the right frequency of activation. Varied pop-ups on your site will help people explore your products, use coupons, take part in sales and special offers, stay aware of upcoming events and even more.

Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin is what you need

  • If you want to embed warm and friendly welcome popups
  • If you need to show helpful exit-intent popup
  • If you don’t want to spend much time creating popups

Use all the benefits of Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin

Higher level of customer satisfaction

Embed a popup that opens when a user is intended to leave your site. Through it, you can offer your assistance and help clients get what they want. Thus you will make their experience on your site better and leave them happy.

More positive start

Make your users’ experience on your website positive the second they land on it. By means of welcome popups you can tell more about your company or products via videos, pictures, or even iFrame.

Successful sales

Now keeping users informed about the upcoming sales is a matter of clicks! Embed a popup to your webpage that will make everyone involved. Offer coupons and discounts that will guide users towards the sale pages.

Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin Key features

  • Create any type of popup
  • 12 various element blocks to configure a popup
  • Add unlimited elements, delete, clone, reorder
  • 5 popup layouts for various cases
  • Flexible popup width
  • Option to align popup elements
  • Add buttons to redirect users
  • Show copyable coupons
  • Insert iFrame and HTML elements
  • Rectangle or rounded popup shape
  • Choosing popup background color
  • Option to upload a picture for the popup background
  • Choosing the color of popup background
  • Adding page overlay: choosing a color or uploading a picture
  • Embed popup on all or limited pages
  • Exclude the pages where you don’t want the popup
  • Add or remove popup close button and choose its color
  • Popup can be activated after a certain time on the page or scroll percentage
  • Triggering popup by clicking on a certain elements or scrolling down to it
  • Exit intent popup opens when a visitor is going to close the tab
  • Welcome popup appears right at the page load
  • 4 variants of popup frequency: every time the trigger works, once, daily, or weekly
  • Choose the type of device where the popup will work: desktop, mobile, tablet, or all

Still wonder why WP Popup plugin is outstanding?

  • The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
  • Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
  • Choosing when, where, and for what type of visitors the plugin will work


Get Elfsight Popup Maker Plugin!

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