AMP CTA WordPress Plugin 2.3.29

AMP CTA Wordpress Plugin
Version: 2.3.29
Category: Plugins
Author: AMPforWP
Author Website: Here
Tags: AMP

AMP CTA WordPress Plugin


Call To Action for AMP
Higher Visibility and More Conversions in AMP

AMP CTA WordPress Plugin, Call to Action, also known as CTA helps you get your message, product or offering to your visitors. A higher visibility helps your visitors to know more about your product which results into better conversions.


There are two main features of AMP CTA WordPress Plugin:

CTA Box: Which helps you create Call to Action Boxes which can be placed above, below and with in the content automatically and manually.
CTA Bar: This is a notification bar that sticks below the window and helps you display a message sitewide.
Contact Bar: This is a CTA contact bar that sticks below the window and helps you display on AMP site.
The action you want people to take could be anything: download an ebook, sign up for a webinar, get a coupon, attend an event, etc.


AMP CTA WordPress Plugin Features

Drive Attention in AMP
Using the call-to-action buttons help boosts your customer acquisition efforts.

Sticky Notification Bar
Display Sitewide notifications with message and button in the AMP

Position Anywhere in AMP
With these options, you can easily display the CTA boxes anywhere in the AMP version of the site.

Easy & User Friendly
We have tons of options in the backend for you to customize each and every aspect of the CTA.

Ultimate Color Schemes
Easily customize the look and feel of the CTA to adapt the design and the content.

Updates & Support
We are constantly updating the plugin by adding new features. We try our best to provide better customer support to our users.


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