wpForo Emoticons 3.0.0

wpForo Emoticons
Version: 3.0.0
Category: Plugins
Author: gVectors
Author Website: Here
Tags: Portal / Community, Portals and Community, Social

wpForo Emoticons


Smiles and emoticons are one of the most used feature in all kind of communities, chats, forums and blogs. It’s an essential solution if you want to display your emotion in a text . Unfortunately WordPress emoticons with Emojies are not so impressive and we were getting lots of request to create a new set/package of emoticons for wpForo forum plugin. And now it’s here! wpForo Emoticons Addon brings an ocean of emotions to your forum posts. It comes with an awesome and unique Sticker and Emoticons packages. Those are provided by many colors and up to 80 different emotions. You can create custom emoticons packs, upload new emotions images and manage all those one by one.


Main 6 Colors Emoticons Pack

With wpForo Emoticons addon you get a unique emoticons packs with six different colors to fit your forum theme primary color. This pack includes 80 emoticons per color. By default only one color is active and we enabled most used 45 emoticons. You can navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Addons Tab > Emoticons Sub-tab, find the active color group and enable other inactive emoticons.

Default Emoticons Pack

Default Emoticons pack is made by gVectors Team. This is an exclusive emoticons pack and only available in gVectors Team plugins. it’s close to Emoji, but with more expression of emotions and with nice unique design.

wpForo Emoticons Features

wpForo Emoticons addon adds Emoticons/Sticker button on bottom right side of post editor. This button opens tabbed emoticons groups. Allows to easy choose and insert those nice emoticons in post content.

In backend: Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Addons Tab > Emoticons Sub-tab you can manage all emoticons groups. It allows to change group name, emoticons size and hide in front-end post editor.

You can create new Emoticons Groups and add custom emoticons with custom name and code.

In the same admin page you can navigate through Emoticons Group Tabs and manage Group Emoticons one by one. You can change emoticons:

  • Group (move to other group),
  • File (change emoticon image)
  • Emotion Name
  • Emoticon Code
  • Emoticons List Order
  • Enable / Disable certain emoticon


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If you want to know more about the GNU / GPL license, click here. For contact us, visit our support page or click here.

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