wpForo Comments Censure PRO 1.0.10

wpForo Comments Censure PRO
Version: 1.0.10
Category: Plugins
Author: gVectors
Author Website: Here
Tags: Portal / Community, Portals and Community, Social

wpForo Comments Censure PRO

wpForo Comments Censure PRO : the easiest way to keep blog comments clean.

Comments Censure filters uncensored comments before showing them to end-users. If you want to keep your blog clean, then this plugin is just for you. wpForo Comments Censure PRO is very flexible and has many settings, which allows you to manage censoring process as you want, disallow or replacing uncensored words with pre-defined words. The plugin also allows to replace uncensored words with image, specific image for each word or global replacement image for all uncensored words. All you must do, is installing plugin and forget about uncensored comments forever, the plugin will take care about your blog comments.

If user posting a uncensored comment or comment text contains external url Comments Censure can block that user for X days (which you can set in plugin settings page). The plugin has a page for displaying current blocked users with detailed info (user IP, user EMAIL, blocking reason, blocking start and end time) with control buttons.

wpForo Comments Censure PRO Key Features

  • Ability to import uncensored words from .txt file
  • Imports default words in wordpress current language (file name should look like words-en_US.txt)
  • Allows to add uncensored words manually on settings page
  • Replaces uncensored words (custom or global replacement)
  • Filters email content
  • Export/Import options
  • Export/Import search/replace combinations
  • Image replacement for each search word with manageable width / height settings
  • Set uncensored comments as pending moderation
  • Set uncensored comments as spam
  • Move uncensored comments to trashed
  • Set comment as pending moderation if it contains external url
  • Set comment as spam if it contains external url
  • Move comment to trashed if it contains external url
  • Pre-submit validation and restriction for uncensored words
  • Pre-submit validation and restriction for external urls
  • Block users if comment contains uncensored words for X days
  • Block users if comment contains external urls for X days
  • Blocked users list page with detailed information
  • Whitelisted external domains (for comments with external urls)
  • Hard block users by IP addresses
  • Hard block users by EMAIL addresses
  • New unwanted comment notifications via email
  • Front end phrases for translations


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