WooCommerce Quote 6.3

WooCommerce Quote

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Version: 6.3
Category: Plugins
Author: Codecanyon
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Tags: eCommerce Utilities

WooCommerce Quote


The WooCommerce Quote plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce system allowing your customers to add products to a quote basket and ask for price estimation.

How WooCommerce Quote works

Once WooCommerce Quote is installed and activated, the plugin allows you to select/exclude products for which customers can ask for a quote. For those products, the plugin displays an “Add a quote” button that allows the customer to add them to the quote basket (just like they add products to the cart). Via the quote request page, the quotation can be placed by filling out a simple quote form. You can customize the experience by setting different options like:

  1. Select which user roles can ask for a quote
  2. Hide quotable products for not allowed user roles
  3. Hide prices for quotable products
  4. Automatic quote approval
  5. Expiring date and automatic expiration time
  6. Email notifications
  7. Customize the contact form


Quotes can have the following statuses:

  1. New quote: Once the customer submits a quote, the plugin will create an order marking it as a “New quote”.
  2. On hold quote: You can “pause” the quote for later processing. On hold quote won’t expire and won’t automatically be accepted (if you enable the special option).
  3. Accepted quote: When a quote is marked as “Accepted”, the user will be notified via an email notification (text customizable via the Emails menu). The customer can pay the order via the My Account -> Quotes -> View quote page. The accepted quote can expire according to the expiring date the admin can set automatically via the Settings menu or via the specific date he can set for the quote via the admin Quotes -> Edit quote page.
  4. Rejected quote: The admin can reject the quote. The user will be notified via an email notification (text customizable via the Emails menu).
  5. Rejected quote by the customer: Once the quote is accepted, the customer can eventually reject the quote. In this case, the admin will be notified via email (text customizable via the Emails menu).
  6. Expired quote: Auotomatically set if the quote passes the expiration date.


Before sending the quote, you can edit the product prices, add shipping fees, some extra costs and apply a discount code to the quote.


You can customize the contact form the customer has to fill out before placing the quote. You can create different field type like:

  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Select/Multiselect
  6. Country & State
  7. Acceptance

Each field can be styled by setting its width and can be made mandatory. Each field can also be connected to the order native fields (like billing first name, last name, etc).

And more!

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