Divi Ghoster 5.0.57

Divi Ghoster

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Version: 5.0.57
Category: Plugins
Author: Divi
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Divi Ghoster


Fully White Label Your Website Branding With Divi Ghoster


Replace Every Traces Of Divi Or Extra On Your Website
Add your own custom branding and make the Divi or Extra theme magically disappear. Divi Ghoster hides every trace of your theme from competitors or bots using inspect tools, and clients or members snooping around the backend.

Take Over The Divi Or Extra Theme And Rebrand Without A Line Of Code
Give your client sites a finished look with complete brand repackaging.

  • Replace the default Divi or Extra theme name
  • Change the author name and add a branded thumbnail image
  • Rebrand the Divi Builder to match your client’s brand identity
  • All future updates will appear as updates to your custom branded theme with no mention of Elegant Themes, Divi, or Extra
  • Offer backend rebranding packages and make more money for your agency

Hide All Or Some Of The Divi Theme With Ultimate Ghoster
Hide access to Premade Layouts, Products Tours, and other styling options in the Divi menu with a simple checkbox. Divi Ghoster also lets you hide Divi-related plugins such as Divi Switch, Divi Bars, Divi Booster, and Divi Ghoster itself. Hide Divi or Extra related options from your clients and protect your site from accidental or malicious changes.

Get quick edit access while your theme builder is hidden safely out of sight. Give your admins edit access with a hidden link (provided within the plugin’s dashboard) or the built-in keyboard shortcut (NEW!).

Customize The Divi Menu Items From The Dashboard
Hide items from the Divi menu that your clients or team members do not need. With Divi Ghoster, you can choose to enable or disable multiple menu items in the Divi menu such as the Divi Theme Options, Theme Builder, Theme Customizer, the Role Editor Page, Divi Library, and Support Center.

Work Seamlessly With Divi And Extra Child Themes
Divi Ghoster is compatible with both the Divi page builder and the Extra themes, as well as any child themes used for styling.

Use Elegant Themes to set up stunning client sites and use Divi Ghoster to cloak your theme from the world, whether editing direct or working form a child theme.

Change The Theme Slug And Become Undetectable
Change the theme slug with ease so if someone inspects your website’s source code, the Divi or Extra theme will not be displayed; instead, your custom text will display.

Customize The Divi Builder
Make the Divi builder yours with custom colors for the backend page builder, the visual builder, Divi theme options, your theme builder page, and the role editor. Use the built-in color selector or enter the hex values of your client’s colors to give the Divi Builder a completely new feel.


And So much more!!!


Get Now Divi Ghoster!!!

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